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Jezebel (part 1)

Best Served with: Violet by Daniel Caesar (acoustic Trinity Bellwoods version)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=629mpleOMU0

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If on our bed,

You spread your legs,

And hold your tits as you bounce,



In a trance you tap,

To the rhythm of his claps

With a twisted face; he slaps,



You smile in surrender,

Eyes rolled half-way to their tips

Delicate brown hands squeezing

the beige out of the sheets,



Then he lifts you up,

Pulls you back like superman,

Latching on like a leech,



The windows testify,

I can’t defy

But he defiled,

You don’t deny,



He fucked you senseless,

On a rainy Friday night,

Where the breeze kissed the roof,

Who guarded red eyes in the skies?

What purple, black and blue reside?



When he was done,

He left you naked on the bed,

Drinking used condoms from your hand,

Paralysed by joy in your head,


If After–

You put on the over-sized stained blue shirt I gave you,

Fighting with the sheets because you heard me come in,


I’m early,

Footsteps thicker than usual,

Louder than usual,

Slower than usual–


Turn that chair

fix the bed

hide the man

wash your face

Creep downstairs

greet your man…

stall him in that place,


If after that you can still kiss me on that very night,

Then of course I cannot share with you my plight,


If the–


Truth was,

That night I came back early for you,

You told me what your wish was,

I tried my best to make it come true,

And I did,



I had wanted to surprise you,

I lit our lavender and periwinkle candles,

Stuffed the parlour with petals; more than it could handle,

I had bought what you wanted; those special sandals,

In a suave grey paper bag that I constantly fondled,

They were saddled comfortably next to the ring,




Then I heard a rocking upstairs,

And the ink of doubt splattered,

Over the canvas of my heart,



As I crept upstairs,

My skin adjusted and aligned,

Cursing in discomfort,

My legs cracked like ancient pillars,

Pulling lead up with each step taken,



My hands shrivelled and blossomed repeatedly,

Trembling moist children scratching the sides of my neck,

As Nervousness ravaged my white hot insides,

As the rocking got louder,



I spotted that crack in the door,

The one you always told me to fix,

Alas Fate and Man can never mix,

My clothes were ringing angrily,

Irritated by my heart’s call,

I snuck a peek