Best Served With:  Moon River (Original) by Audrey Hepburn


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In the open coliseum,

The gladiator smacks the sweat off his brow,

So it strikes his challenger:

And as it slaps her violet breastplate,

Her iron armor begins to tremble,

The rippling air threatening to cut it.

It dribbles down her brazen shoulders,

Dodging the rusted kiss of her blade along the way,

Until it reaches her rugged fingertips.

Trekking down her middle finger

It leans over the edge

about to drop—

And there sat the challenger’s head.

Smiling in a sea of brown.



Best Served With– Leaves by Dave B.


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A tear to run a mile

It likes to jump ahead

But will have to dodge a mine

Past once upon a time…


I remember when first we met

And yet, it eludes me

A majestic mirage

Shimmering in the lake of our friendship.


It drifts downstream,

As azure tendrils caress it

Singing a champion’s bard,

Decorating the air;

the harmony of rushed waters.


The bee boasts not of its wings

But whips its tail with its peers.


Chant To Hashish Pt 2

Best served with: Written in the Stars by John Legend


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Ad hominem ultra

From the skies above to the ground under,

Life has always taken life,

There is always something better.


The Greeks thought and wondered,

Till just reality remained to conquer:

Gaia surpassed Titans,

Titans above Gods,

Gods over demigods,

Demigods crushed Emperors

Emperors ruled Greeks,

Greeks colonised humans.


Ad hominem ultra

There is no instrument like ganja,

A welcoming white mouthpiece,

Arms open, ready to receive,

Makes a man a mountain,

Wash your heat; a fountain.


Ad hominem ultra

With life comes order,

Humanity begets imperfection,

A satisfying emptiness none can escape,

Born, learn, earn, give life, die.

Dust to flesh

Flesh to dust,


Ad hominem ultra

Can you commit murder?

Can you forsake your morals?

Can you betray another?

Can you become stronger?


You’re just a man

I am because I am

And I am more,

When I dance to ganja,

I am more.


Ad hominem ultra.

Chant To Hashish Pt 1

Best served with: Written in the Stars by John Legend.


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Ad hominem ultra

A glorious stallion crowns the horizon,

Its white mane slapping sense into the breeze,

Its brown skin laughs arrogantly,

As the sun hovers.


Eyes with goals

It moves with purpose

As it moves

The ground convulses

Life flies faster with hiccupping invasion

Two by two, touch by touch.


Trailing it— a panting black horse,

With strides the same as a man’s feet,

His trudge bears no remorse,

He feels the need to compete.



Ad hominem ultra

The prey chases the hunter,

O, mercy have you no heart?

O, justice have you no soul?

No matter how much its teeth hit iron,

A cat can never eat a lion.


Ad hominem ultra

The sloth has nothing more to offer,

It knows you see it,

And with one touch you could kill it,

But on this cold November night,

You are nothing but a bother.

Eze goes to School

Best Served with Quiet by Rachel Yamagata



You remember this?

Our past; riddled with books and beating,

With afternoons of backyard football,

Our blood; swimming in the meat pie we were eating.


Do you remember it?

The eye-service we paraded,

Our bodyguard; it stood tall,

Blocked out Aunty Oyin’s noise,

And the stoning of our house gates.


Do you remember us?

Nights we scrunched our eyes not too tight,

To pass Daddy’s inspections,

Because we watched Africa Magic at night.

Our sin; I’ll keep it to my last light.


Do you remember me?

How I used to be?

A naïve, naked, bigheaded caterpillar,

A decade has passed and I’m still the same.


I remember you

How you used to be,

An arrogant butterfly; larger than life,

So many dreams,

So little time.


I know now we’re all tough and grown,

You seem to have it all together,

But I wish you were a little more childish—

I miss my old big brother.


Do you remember Eze goes to school?

It was the first book Daddy asked me to read.

And I read it on your bunk bed,

It was short, lonely and immature,

But it was the best book I ever read.

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Best Served with: Pussy is Mine by Miguel


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I have been in love with you for time,

Tried everything to make you mine,

Misfortune for me; your presence so sublime,

Brine-like love, love like brine.


Piercing brown eyes penetrate,

Like rusted needles commanding submission,

A tower of grace on you exuberates,

My despair a wonderful addition.


Lush brown locks; insidious,

Smooth chocolate skin; enticing,

I’m so stupid I believed in us,

Bathsheba’s poison; reciting.


I wonder if you ever loved me?

Love let your circus monkey’s stupidity fester,

I now realize the role of you and me,

You’re the queen and I’m the jester.


Angels sing everything you say,

I’m a comedy for your friends to play,

Though that elegance for me refused to stay,

My love still chased you all the way.


Your Highness,

Lofty heights you conquer,

Those lofty peaks I lust after,

Self-conscious of the entertainment I am,

I can’t help but stutter.


Fields of flowers bow,

Plastered on every step taken,

Mother Nature gave you a crown,

And your subjects stand shaking.


Love and laughter with each word spoke,

Laughter kills love with each joke told.


I have one last act,

Tale of tales, finale of finales,

Under all that glory and grace,

Lies not a speck of regality,

With the spite and ugliness you hide,

I’ll fit your corset but first I’ll die,


Tonight, the curtains close,

My dear Audience don’t look aside,

This woman is a decomposing lemon,

Sweet on the surface, sour inside.


So ladies and gentlemen

The most expensive line ever spent,

My greatest punchline to you I present,

The funniest words I ever spoke

“Your kingdom exists as a single joke”.