Tango With An Outcast.

Best Served With: Hectic by Odunsi (The Engine)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quzEYFmB6rI

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Society adorns you in a trance,

She’ll tease and touch but never dance,

A sweet poison in every hand,

If I’m the air, then she’s the land.


They say opposites do attract,

But only when love will live and lack,

I’m longing for laughter, life and friends,

Or someone to stay with till the end.



Can’t you see through this ruse?

Every smile conceals a frown,

A mirror of friends that mirror your friends,

Nothing new, nothing genuine.

And even when they come together,

Rather see a screen than one another.


You’re too invisible to her;

too inconsequential,

Your actions too indecisive,

Your breath too quiet.


You know, I heard a rumor about her,

It seems she’s truthful when you lie,

And through her children she’s alive

A thousand can swim but one will die


I see the rotten shrew; but I want her,

I want this disease for she is my reality,

I have nothing else.

I have no one else.

And I cannot climb the mountain of life

Wearing nothing but myself.

Richelieu’s Hammer

Best Served With: Hurt by Johnny Cash

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt1Pwfnh5pc

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I’m not going to fight you,

I’m not stupid; I think.

Even though your finger,

Keeps pushing me to the brink.


Two silky tunics


As the shivering air ignited

We stood at odds


As hate penetrated our fabric.


It stained and writhed through us,

Coursing our veins, ripping our seams,

The inky black toad invites,

So we hit and wrinkle apart.



I hate you.

From the bottom of my soul,

And as you made me a dung beetle,

I’m struggling to feel whole.

Ọ nwute m.


I hated you.

Semi-fluid curses wrap profanity

And then I called you a Joke;

It came alive and cried,

Crawled around and lied

Wailed with silence tied,

Beetle cut Hammer that night.


I hated me.

Always friends were we,

Till I said what I can’t un-say

And broke everything we could be.


Hatred took over me,

War took over me,

And when a friend becomes a stranger,

Silence please take me.


Best Served: Fair-Weather Friend by Bruno Major

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oksHjuqzsi4

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Where I come from the tortoise talks,

Of flimsy flamingos that struggle,

They brave frostbite when strangers knock,

With mistress Booze, they choose to muddle,

This man will cut and slash and drill,

For every jump he asks “How high?”

He’ll take self-loathing in a pill,

And when it works he wants to die,

But you and me we’ve cut the noise,

We’ve kept it real for three years now,

And I’m so sorry that I toyed,

You’re precious to me; I feel endowed.


The peacock’s one joy is its pride,

In its feathers, its eyes and hide,

But that means nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Without another by its side.

The rainbow’s beauty is her multitude,

Her shyness birthing hues of harmony,

My remorse wields not a platitude

I am deeply and truly sorry.

I make no excuses for my stride,

Man should never be treated like a toy,

I promise;

When it matters most,

With you will I abide.

In truth, I am a silly little boy.


Best Served With:  Moon River (Original) by Audrey Hepburn

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEdPe1SxitI

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In the open coliseum,

The gladiator smacks the sweat off his brow,

So it strikes his challenger:

And as it slaps her violet breastplate,

Her iron armor begins to tremble,

The rippling air threatening to cut it.

It dribbles down her brazen shoulders,

Dodging the rusted kiss of her blade along the way,

Until it reaches her rugged fingertips.

Trekking down her middle finger

It leans over the edge

about to drop—

And there sat the challenger’s head.

Smiling in a sea of brown.



Best Served With– Leaves by Dave B.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8D2QBC0bDY

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A tear to run a mile

It likes to jump ahead

But will have to dodge a mine

Past once upon a time…


I remember when first we met

And yet, it eludes me

A majestic mirage

Shimmering in the lake of our friendship.


It drifts downstream,

As azure tendrils caress it

Singing a champion’s bard,

Decorating the air;

the harmony of rushed waters.


The bee boasts not of its wings

But whips its tail with its peers.


Chant To Hashish Pt 2

Best served with: Written in the Stars by John Legend

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdVmKpwlj80

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Ad hominem ultra

From the skies above to the ground under,

Life has always taken life,

There is always something better.


The Greeks thought and wondered,

Till just reality remained to conquer:

Gaia surpassed Titans,

Titans above Gods,

Gods over demigods,

Demigods crushed Emperors

Emperors ruled Greeks,

Greeks colonised humans.


Ad hominem ultra

There is no instrument like ganja,

A welcoming white mouthpiece,

Arms open, ready to receive,

Makes a man a mountain,

Wash your heat; a fountain.


Ad hominem ultra

With life comes order,

Humanity begets imperfection,

A satisfying emptiness none can escape,

Born, learn, earn, give life, die.

Dust to flesh

Flesh to dust,


Ad hominem ultra

Can you commit murder?

Can you forsake your morals?

Can you betray another?

Can you become stronger?


You’re just a man

I am because I am

And I am more,

When I dance to ganja,

I am more.


Ad hominem ultra.