Hermes’s Instructions

Best Served: Corny by Rema


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We are all messages to another,

At least before we crumble, burn or soak

Our uniqueness mirrored in the handwriting,

Used by Life before it mails us,

A hive of black and white,

Bow all the colors in between,

For every destination we reach

An experience

A mistake

A blessing.

The river of Time glistens indifferently,

And we just float in it.

With our tips just breaking the smooth surface,

Our dry stamps naked for all the world to see.


But point to any letter in that translucent river,

It will tremble or defend as you pick it,

So, you must soothe its surface

And straighten its creases,

I promise, it will relax and let you in.


Fan out its damp vulnerabilities,

Not too quickly that it separates from you,

Not too slowly to allow the harsh wind defile it.


Gently remove the seal,

As though a delicate glass in rough hands,

Nibble; do not scrape,

Never rip for that is rape,

Take time until it is agape,

For it takes years to make,

A lifetime to remake,

But only a second to break.


And when the white carriage is open,

The paradoxical princess alights,

The black army in a white battlefield, small or several.

But all you will ever see,

Is a conversation between the pain of the past and the hope for the future.

A Letter To BD

DISCLAIMER: The following work is intended for mature audiences only. Viewers be advised.

Best Served With: Naked by Sabrina Claudio


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My sexy little flower

How’s your day

Is everything okay?

You know I’m here to listen

You know I’m here to stay

I know you know I can relate

So why don’t you conversate

With playful bites that retaliate,

My every touch, your trembling foliage


What’s wrong?

I haven’t heard your voice in so long,

If you’re sad I can sing you a song,

And my voice you can stop with your tongue,

Maybe later I can slide into your thong.


Ohhhh let me take a sip from your fountain,

In those puffy sheets you straddle my mountain,

Hold you down till my name is your anthem,

Obscene rain will come down till its round ten.


Make no mistake I intend to pollinate,

The field between your barracks I will violate,

To be blunt: tonight, two moons will fornicate,

Because with amorous grace do you reciprocate.


Grasp that white sheet and hold on for dear life,

Cross your toes and arch that glossy back,

As I deep dive into pink enemy lines,

Whispering tornadoes and suckling attacks,

My petals will caress your supple caramel leaves,

A gentle peck; I’m searching for nectar,

A deep thrust; you scream in surrender,


Now that you’re bent over,

And I’m bending my knees,

I’ll meet my slippery queen,

And you’ll feel it in your toes.

We can touch the peak of ecstasy,


I love this game of hide and seek,

My in chases your out;

My soldier nestles perfectly in your bosom.

Feel it, I feel it, we feel it, we feeeeeeee–




And when we’re done, I will rest,

Between those two soft pillows you call breasts,

Both loud moans and soft gasps can attest,

Be it suck, sip or kiss; I’m the best.


Best Served With: Vibin’ Out with () (0) by FKJ


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I want you to be mine.

Want to feel dark skin against me,

Crazy curves cradle

Hazel eyes that cut and call me.


I want to take my time,

Touching on that tear of sunset,

Sexy, dark and lustrous,

But shines bright when the night sets.


Cause babe you make me feel alive,

And that ass must be a miracle,

Gorgeous silky hair so shy,

But every tease I hang onto.


For us, the stars have aligned,

I’m sure you know we entwine,

Just let time age our wine,

I know I want you to be mine.

Joe’s Catharsis.

Best Served With: Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song) by Daniel Caesar.


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Nights like this I hate.

Nights when my bed is steeped in melancholy,

A boy and his sadness—face to face,

While the rain cries on his window.


I don’t know ho—

I don’t know how to start.

I don’t know what to.

I don’t want to lose you.


I know I hurt you,

I hate myself so much for it,

But I can’t take it back,

The past is in the past.


I feel like a child,

That broke something important,

I want to sew it together,

But it isn’t fabric,

I want to glue it together,

But it isn’t plastic,

I want to cry for help,

But that doesn’t fix anything,

I want somebody to call,

But stifled gasps are all.

I want to blame somebody else

Or joke about it,

But if I laugh, I’ll surely melt.

No doubt about it.


How do you plug a pipe?

When it’s not losing life?

When it’s drowning in air?

When we’re breathing despair?


A white-hot fire courses through me constantly,

Scalding and scraping my mind and soul.

Oh It Burns,

It Burns,


I’m sorry.


Through this pain, I carry eggs,

Too many for my hands,

Too little to matter,

They’ve suffered through oblivion’s peck,

And with interest, some of them peek,

At molding lava as it speaks,

Every word callously cradles,

Every sentence cautiously cremates.

And if even one of them adventures,

I’ll lose my best friend.


But if I was standing alone,

A fugitive of the sun,

Betwixt a howling night and a scorching day,

I would tell you this:


Geraldine I miss you,

I miss the illustrious intents of the Ilukwes,

And the marvelous misadventures of your cousins,

I miss you stressing over school, boys and life,

Miss our arguments and conversations.


We used to read each other like open books,

A personal library between the both of us,

I was the Ares to your Athena,

I miss you so much; regular degular.


Geraldine you once asked me why I am your friend,

Why in your company, do I bask and rend?

It’s because of your family, because of your friends,

The way you carry yourself and the time you lend,

You never sport fake smiles or try to pretend,

And never, for any one, do you change or bend,

Your complicated thoughts and words you intend,

The light you bring to those whose time you spend,

You have your hardships too, but you relent,

Just because a rock is sturdy doesn’t mean it cannot dent,

I hope you see you are not a means to an end,

More like a tough mixture to which I blend.

I am your friend because of who you are at present,

And if your countenance in future amends,

Then I will be honored to witness

But make no mistake.

You are my friend because you are my friend.


Nights like this I hate,

Because I swore to fight for us,

And when the serene rain pelts my window,

It feels like I’m fighting alone.



Tango With An Outcast.

Best Served With: Hectic by Odunsi (The Engine)


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Society adorns you in a trance,

She’ll tease and touch but never dance,

A sweet poison in every hand,

If I’m the air, then she’s the land.


They say opposites do attract,

But only when love will live and lack,

I’m longing for laughter, life and friends,

Or someone to stay with till the end.



Can’t you see through this ruse?

Every smile conceals a frown,

A mirror of friends that mirror your friends,

Nothing new, nothing genuine.

And even when they come together,

Rather see a screen than one another.


You’re too invisible to her;

too inconsequential,

Your actions too indecisive,

Your breath too quiet.


You know, I heard a rumor about her,

It seems she’s truthful when you lie,

And through her children she’s alive

A thousand can swim but one will die


I see the rotten shrew; but I want her,

I want this disease for she is my reality,

I have nothing else.

I have no one else.

And I cannot climb the mountain of life

Wearing nothing but myself.

Richelieu’s Hammer

Best Served With: Hurt by Johnny Cash


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I’m not going to fight you,

I’m not stupid; I think.

Even though your finger,

Keeps pushing me to the brink.


Two silky tunics


As the shivering air ignited

We stood at odds


As hate penetrated our fabric.


It stained and writhed through us,

Coursing our veins, ripping our seams,

The inky black toad invites,

So we hit and wrinkle apart.



I hate you.

From the bottom of my soul,

And as you made me a dung beetle,

I’m struggling to feel whole.

Ọ nwute m.


I hated you.

Semi-fluid curses wrap profanity

And then I called you a Joke;

It came alive and cried,

Crawled around and lied

Wailed with silence tied,

Beetle cut Hammer that night.


I hated me.

Always friends were we,

Till I said what I can’t un-say

And broke everything we could be.


Hatred took over me,

War took over me,

And when a friend becomes a stranger,

Silence please take me.


Best Served: Fair-Weather Friend by Bruno Major


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Where I come from the tortoise talks,

Of flimsy flamingos that struggle,

They brave frostbite when strangers knock,

With mistress Booze, they choose to muddle,

This man will cut and slash and drill,

For every jump he asks “How high?”

He’ll take self-loathing in a pill,

And when it works he wants to die,

But you and me we’ve cut the noise,

We’ve kept it real for three years now,

And I’m so sorry that I toyed,

You’re precious to me; I feel endowed.


The peacock’s one joy is its pride,

In its feathers, its eyes and hide,

But that means nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Without another by its side.

The rainbow’s beauty is her multitude,

Her shyness birthing hues of harmony,

My remorse wields not a platitude

I am deeply and truly sorry.

I make no excuses for my stride,

Man should never be treated like a toy,

I promise;

When it matters most,

With you will I abide.

In truth, I am a silly little boy.