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Best Served With: Fair-Weather Friend by Bruno Major


3 Differences Between Love and Attachment


Eyes of a leprechaun,

He is staring you down,

The gold he worships; all he wants,

Saliva dribbles around,


You’re mounting his thoughts,

Hugging his shame,

Depravity grips his mind,

One day you’ll fend off

the beast that came,

And leave my love to time,



That’s what you are.

That’s what you are to me.



I’m just your rag,

Fate! what a fickle beast,


Discarded by my fantasies,

When Anthony comes, he calls his queen,

Confused. but I know this:


Your eyes should crave only me,

Our love; the best it can be,

But she is so painted,

All hail the queen of sin.


My queen,

I hold you high in reverence,

Your dog; just throw the bone,

And I will fetch,


If I may speak; Your Holiness,

This is unhealthy,

You never wanted to go steady,

You think that your longing is stealthy

But I knew this already

You see this already,


From your sea of games,

You sow seeds of silicon,

Seeds that will soon sew shut your sea.



I’m on the same high as you,

Because the same mouthwash you use

Before you sip him enough

to reach ecstasy,


Is the same mouthwash I use,

Before I eat you enough

to keep you next to me.

Light of Libra

(Song) Best Served With: La Vie En Rose by Cristin Milioti


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I have this pair of light blue jeans,

Torn, faded, tight around the sides,

Most say they’re too weird to be seen,

But to me they are as timeless as life,


They remind me of how you make me feel,

I did not know that beauty could silence,

I feel small because you are so surreal,

I cannot speak without some guidance,


They remind me of your features,

Of how I keep on trying to make you mine,

long hair, crooked smile

You are a picture;

The perfect snapshot of life in time,


They remind me of why I like you,

You are a saint to all you touch;

Generous but not too much

Forever sweet enough

And real to a fault,


They remind me of our friendship,

Or my failed attempt at a relationship,

I know that I am goofy, sometimes childish,

But you bring out all of me,

So please,

let me know all of you.


You are the spring in my step

The joy in my smile

The thought in my head

The twinkle in my eyes,


I have this pair of light blue jeans,

They are my perfect imperfection,

They make me do things I never thought I’d try,

And when I wear them, it feels like I can fly.


Elano’s Notes

Honestly, I penned this poem years ago. It was one of those impulsive, burst poems that were way different from what I wrote at that time because they were funneled from pure emotion. She knows herself and she captured my heart but I never really realized how deeply I felt for her until recently. And as you read this, I hope you–whoever you are– find someone that will make you feel the way she made me feel. And if you’ve already found them…

Hold on tight.


Of Cracks in Love

Best Served With: Easily by Bruno Major


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Alas my lips are heavy with guilt,

Perhaps silence should rule the day,

My heart preserves this love I built,

My hand broke it in but a day, I

Pillaged, plundered and ripped asunder, I

Weeded with care and touched another, I

Did not mean to cause such blunder, but

Bless my soul; I wished for more,

Your touch, your time and love are all,

Sweet heaven and earth denied my call,

I may not touch nor stalk nor stall.

When weak, my liquid mistress beckoned,

I drank and drunk the well

So, knell the gospel bells

For the sinner has stories to tell,

Though he loved and loved he well,

All is lost.

The gardener toils restlessly,

But if ever he denies a day,

The weeds infest incessantly,

And to fix; there is no way.


Deep down, I knew you weren’t with me,

But a man can dream can’t he.


Elano’s Notes

Love, because of how vulnerable and open it makes you, can be a lot like Jenga– a single wrong move is enough to bring the whole thing down. It is like being drenched in scalding water and then left to dry in the sun. It is even more painful when you realize that it is your fault, to some extent. And it is always your fault, to some extent. Sometimes when you lose love, you think of every excuse you can. A reason, any reason, to justify yourself, to ease just a little bit of that pain. The truth is, you are at fault and will not truly move on, until you accept that and learn to live with it. Or maybe that is just me.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

The Journey Begins

To my future readers,

Hi. My name is Abbah Abbah (yes first AND surname are the same). If you’ve reeled from your shock and/or laughter at that then know that I am an aspiring writer/poet. I started this site because I’m passionate about writing and I want to share that with others. I want others to feel something from my work. I take writing very seriously and I look forward to growing with you all. If you have any criticisms, suggestions, ideas or if you just want to tell me what a good job I’m doing then feel free to comment or contact me at my email below. To maximize your enjoyment of my poems, I will be using a “best served” system. Essentially, every poem will have a “best served with ….” attached to it, which is just a recommendation of the best song to listen to while reading the poem so watch out for that. For this, I’d say listen to the first minute of the song and then start reading the poem. Thanks for your future support and I promise you will not be bored. Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Follow. For anything else, contact me at

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