Best Served With: Fair-Weather Friend by Bruno Major


3 Differences Between Love and Attachment


Eyes of a leprechaun,

He is staring you down,

The gold he worships; all he wants,

Saliva dribbles around,


You’re mounting his thoughts,

Hugging his shame,

Depravity grips his mind,

One day you’ll fend off

the beast that came,

And leave my love to time,



That’s what you are.

That’s what you are to me.



I’m just your rag,

Fate! what a fickle beast,


Discarded by my fantasies,

When Anthony comes, he calls his queen,

Confused. but I know this:


Your eyes should crave only me,

Our love; the best it can be,

But she is so painted,

All hail the queen of sin.


My queen,

I hold you high in reverence,

Your dog; just throw the bone,

And I will fetch,


If I may speak; Your Holiness,

This is unhealthy,

You never wanted to go steady,

You think that your longing is stealthy

But I knew this already

You see this already,


From your sea of games,

You sow seeds of silicon,

Seeds that will soon sew shut your sea.



I’m on the same high as you,

Because the same mouthwash you use

Before you sip him enough

to reach ecstasy,


Is the same mouthwash I use,

Before I eat you enough

to keep you next to me.

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