Hermes’s Instructions

Best Served: Corny by Rema


Image result for hermes greek painting


We are all messages to another,

At least before we crumble, burn or soak

Our uniqueness mirrored in the handwriting,

Used by Life before it mails us,

A hive of black and white,

Bow all the colors in between,

For every destination we reach

An experience

A mistake

A blessing.

The river of Time glistens indifferently,

And we just float in it.

With our tips just breaking the smooth surface,

Our dry stamps naked for all the world to see.


But point to any letter in that translucent river,

It will tremble or defend as you pick it,

So, you must soothe its surface

And straighten its creases,

I promise, it will relax and let you in.


Fan out its damp vulnerabilities,

Not too quickly that it separates from you,

Not too slowly to allow the harsh wind defile it.


Gently remove the seal,

As though a delicate glass in rough hands,

Nibble; do not scrape,

Never rip for that is rape,

Take time until it is agape,

For it takes years to make,

A lifetime to remake,

But only a second to break.


And when the white carriage is open,

The paradoxical princess alights,

The black army in a white battlefield, small or several.

But all you will ever see,

Is a conversation between the pain of the past and the hope for the future.

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