A Letter To BD

DISCLAIMER: The following work is intended for mature audiences only. Viewers be advised.

Best Served With: Naked by Sabrina Claudio

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDiHQ3B31WQ

Image result for couple sexual love


My sexy little flower

How’s your day

Is everything okay?

You know I’m here to listen

You know I’m here to stay

I know you know I can relate

So why don’t you conversate

With playful bites that retaliate,

My every touch, your trembling foliage


What’s wrong?

I haven’t heard your voice in so long,

If you’re sad I can sing you a song,

And my voice you can stop with your tongue,

Maybe later I can slide into your thong.


Ohhhh let me take a sip from your fountain,

In those puffy sheets you straddle my mountain,

Hold you down till my name is your anthem,

Obscene rain will come down till its round ten.


Make no mistake I intend to pollinate,

The field between your barracks I will violate,

To be blunt: tonight, two moons will fornicate,

Because with amorous grace do you reciprocate.


Grasp that white sheet and hold on for dear life,

Cross your toes and arch that glossy back,

As I deep dive into pink enemy lines,

Whispering tornadoes and suckling attacks,

My petals will caress your supple caramel leaves,

A gentle peck; I’m searching for nectar,

A deep thrust; you scream in surrender,


Now that you’re bent over,

And I’m bending my knees,

I’ll meet my slippery queen,

And you’ll feel it in your toes.

We can touch the peak of ecstasy,


I love this game of hide and seek,

My in chases your out;

My soldier nestles perfectly in your bosom.

Feel it, I feel it, we feel it, we feeeeeeee–




And when we’re done, I will rest,

Between those two soft pillows you call breasts,

Both loud moans and soft gasps can attest,

Be it suck, sip or kiss; I’m the best.

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