Tango With An Outcast.

Best Served With: Hectic by Odunsi (The Engine)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quzEYFmB6rI

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Society adorns you in a trance,

She’ll tease and touch but never dance,

A sweet poison in every hand,

If I’m the air, then she’s the land.


They say opposites do attract,

But only when love will live and lack,

I’m longing for laughter, life and friends,

Or someone to stay with till the end.



Can’t you see through this ruse?

Every smile conceals a frown,

A mirror of friends that mirror your friends,

Nothing new, nothing genuine.

And even when they come together,

Rather see a screen than one another.


You’re too invisible to her;

too inconsequential,

Your actions too indecisive,

Your breath too quiet.


You know, I heard a rumor about her,

It seems she’s truthful when you lie,

And through her children she’s alive

A thousand can swim but one will die


I see the rotten shrew; but I want her,

I want this disease for she is my reality,

I have nothing else.

I have no one else.

And I cannot climb the mountain of life

Wearing nothing but myself.

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