Richelieu’s Hammer

Best Served With: Hurt by Johnny Cash


Image result for lost a friend

I’m not going to fight you,

I’m not stupid; I think.

Even though your finger,

Keeps pushing me to the brink.


Two silky tunics


As the shivering air ignited

We stood at odds


As hate penetrated our fabric.


It stained and writhed through us,

Coursing our veins, ripping our seams,

The inky black toad invites,

So we hit and wrinkle apart.



I hate you.

From the bottom of my soul,

And as you made me a dung beetle,

I’m struggling to feel whole.

Ọ nwute m.


I hated you.

Semi-fluid curses wrap profanity

And then I called you a Joke;

It came alive and cried,

Crawled around and lied

Wailed with silence tied,

Beetle cut Hammer that night.


I hated me.

Always friends were we,

Till I said what I can’t un-say

And broke everything we could be.


Hatred took over me,

War took over me,

And when a friend becomes a stranger,

Silence please take me.

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