Chant To Hashish Pt 2

Best served with: Written in the Stars by John Legend


Image result for on top of the world

Ad hominem ultra

From the skies above to the ground under,

Life has always taken life,

There is always something better.


The Greeks thought and wondered,

Till just reality remained to conquer:

Gaia surpassed Titans,

Titans above Gods,

Gods over demigods,

Demigods crushed Emperors

Emperors ruled Greeks,

Greeks colonised humans.


Ad hominem ultra

There is no instrument like ganja,

A welcoming white mouthpiece,

Arms open, ready to receive,

Makes a man a mountain,

Wash your heat; a fountain.


Ad hominem ultra

With life comes order,

Humanity begets imperfection,

A satisfying emptiness none can escape,

Born, learn, earn, give life, die.

Dust to flesh

Flesh to dust,


Ad hominem ultra

Can you commit murder?

Can you forsake your morals?

Can you betray another?

Can you become stronger?


You’re just a man

I am because I am

And I am more,

When I dance to ganja,

I am more.


Ad hominem ultra.

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