Chant To Hashish Pt 1

Best served with: Written in the Stars by John Legend.


Image result for black horse chasing white horse

Ad hominem ultra

A glorious stallion crowns the horizon,

Its white mane slapping sense into the breeze,

Its brown skin laughs arrogantly,

As the sun hovers.


Eyes with goals

It moves with purpose

As it moves

The ground convulses

Life flies faster with hiccupping invasion

Two by two, touch by touch.


Trailing it— a panting black horse,

With strides the same as a man’s feet,

His trudge bears no remorse,

He feels the need to compete.



Ad hominem ultra

The prey chases the hunter,

O, mercy have you no heart?

O, justice have you no soul?

No matter how much its teeth hit iron,

A cat can never eat a lion.


Ad hominem ultra

The sloth has nothing more to offer,

It knows you see it,

And with one touch you could kill it,

But on this cold November night,

You are nothing but a bother.

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