Best Served With: 80s by Berhana

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT62dDZIeQo

Image result for house destroyed by war

You think my destination is a choice?

That I transverse this roughness because I am able?

You think I’d come all the way here just for this noise?

To be saddled and spanked like a horse in a stable?

Unbelievable. You are fucking unbelievable.


I had a home.

Its warm branches cradled my face like a sunset breeze,

Rooted in culture’s succulent embrace; I’d grown,

Covered by family, friends, lovers, tradition, ‘twas bliss,

Hope chased happiness in the front yard,

While Love stood tall in the back.

Yes. I had a nurturing, caring, loving home.

And I was free.


And then it all vanished in broad daylight,

Blasted to bits by propaganda that terrorists sought,

My relatives obliterated before they could think a thought,

Worse still these eyes could not witness so sorry a sight.


That selfsame fate left me no time to unwind,

So, with an infant in hand and grief in mind,

I packed my emotions as they hurt me so,

And crossed the Atlantic as I had nowhere else to go.


So here I am laid bare in front of you,

With a bleak past and an unfortunate present,

But it seems my fortune is bent,

Delivered to your mercy though suffering I relent,


Whether your country becomes my new home,

Or I and my child die; lost in place, stuck in time,

Depends wholly on your thoughts and talk

I hear Fortune’s laughter reveling its best work;

My whole life has been a cruel joke,

And it seems this point—right now– is the punchline.

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