Trials Of A Teenager

Best Served With: Easy by Mac Ayres.


Image result for flower bloom

Stop. Breathe. Think.

You’re a basic student in school,

With a dark uniform that stands still,

Beside mediocre grades and friends, careless and cool.

While fate and fortune dictate your will.


You began as an infant,

Whether pink, yellow, brown or black,

Sprawling helplessly like an earthworm,

While life prepared to attack.


At that age with a simplistic cycle,

You stumbled through the beginning,

You knew nothing, and lacked desire to know,

Your sin was emptiness.

Your wall; ignorance.


With time a flower bud opened;

To the knowledge of life; brightness of day,

And with friend’s and family’s support,

Eased into a world of comfort.



Then came anxiety, baring its fangs,

Its teeth poisonous, its breath stank,

A wall of predation, it consumes and confiscates

Leaving in its wake, changes and deadlines and academics and—



Peer Pressure seeps in. Friendly as always,

An acidic wall of suggestion you can’t refuse,

An idea becomes a shout; a shout, a chant.

And slowly you do things you don’t want,

Like that one party you hated,

Or those old friends you spoke to with hatred,

Till you look in the mirror and scowl at the person you’ve become.


I know what it’s like to be yo–

Actually I am you.

As I am everyone

And everyone struggles just like you.


So Start. Live. Act.

Because you may just be a basic student in school,

With a dark uniform that stands still.

But fate is fleeting; fortune untrue.

And only you can dictate your will.


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